Roman Dvorak

Born 7. 10. 1960 in Prague.


1985-88 Art conservatory in Prague - painting, drawing
1981-88 Private


1993 Leck, Germany (Heimvolkshochschule Leck - Symposium of young european artists)
1994 Leck, Germany,(Heimvolkshochschule Leck - Symposium of young european artists)


1987 Trienale, Brno - prize for painting
1993 The third prize for plastic sculpture - The art of garbage (Abfall Service Austria)

In collections:

Gallery Moldau - Stockholm, Sweden
Institut Mibeg - Köln am Rhein, Germany
TV Studio Schleswig - Holstein - Kiel, Germany
Heimvolkshochschule - Leck, Germany
EPD - Praha
in private home and foreign collections

Solo exhibitions:

1986 Pictures,Obrazy - Cesky Brod, Podlipanske muzeum, (Roman Dvorak and Pavel Humhal)
1990 Pictures,Obrazy - Stockholm, gallery Moldau, Sweden, (Roman Dvorak, Dan Trantina and Micl)
1990 Pictures - Berlin, gallery Penguin, Germany, (Roman Dvorak, Dan Trantina and Micl)
1991 Pictures and monotypes - Köln am Rhein, Germany, institut Mibeg
1992 Pictures objects, graphics art - Praha, gallery RH factory
1994 Pictures, objects, graphics art - Praha, gallery U Recickych
1995 Heads etc. - Banska Bystrica, gallery A. Bazovskeho
1996 Picture, objects, graphics art - Ml. Boleslav, gallery V podloubí
1996 Pictures, Obrazy - Prague, gallery Forma
1996 Pictures - Kiel, TV studio Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
1999 Pictures- Rakovnik, gallery Spejchar (Roman Dvorak and Jiri Hlina)
2000 Pictures, Prague, gallery Chodovska tvrz, (Roman Dvorak, Petr Dolejsi and Tomas Horinek)
2001 Pictures,Obrazy, Cafe Cradle
2002 Drawing, Cafe Cradle
2003 Pictures, Cafe Cradle
2004 Photo,Cafe Cradle
2005 Heaven, Hell..., photo, Cafe Cradle
2014 Pictures,Obrazy, Lichtenstein Palace, Prague

Group exhibitions:

1984, 85, 86, 87 The meeting in the Garden - Prague, Waldstein garden
1987 Trienale, Brno
1988 PILKY I - Prague, gallery in Karlova street
(with art group Pilky - Radek Broz, Roman Trabura, Roman Dvorak, Jan Vanek)
The meeting of artists - Prague, chateau park in Dolni Pocernice
1989 PILKY II - Prague, Delta
The open dialogue - Prague, Vinohradska trznice
1990 The exbition which did not reach its destination - Prague, gallery U Recickych
Zarekwirowano - Wroclav, gallery V pasazu, Poland
PILKY III - Prague, Palace Metro
1991 The exhibition in gallery U Recickych, Prague
The politics without politics - Cologne, gallery Abtei Brauweiler, Germany
1992 The youngest members of the UVU - Prague, House of Representatives
1993 Art Trek, Prague
The art of garbage - Prague, Lichtenstein Palace
1994 The most compressed information - Prague, gallery U Recickych
Boskovice '94, Boskovice
Between fences - Prague, mental home in Bohnice
The alternative - Prague, gallery Delta
1995 The identification in space and time - Trencin, Usti n. Labem
Pictures, objects and photos - Brno, House of Art, Brno
The scrapyard, Prague, gallery U Recickych
The shooting gallery, Prague, gallery U Recickych
The exhibition of paintings and plastics - Ceska Lipa, Augustian convent
What the screen does not show - Prague, gallery U Recickych
The new situation - Prague, Strahov cloister
1996 The czech week - Regensburg, Germany
Pictures - Kiel, TV studio Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Paintings, objects - Prague, gallery U Recickych
1997 Pictures - Chicago, DePaul University, USA
Pictures, Zlin, Perry & Mason Gallery
1998 Paintings, Teplice, Zamek
1999 Hommage a Franz Kafka, Augsburg, Germany
Hommage a Franz Kafka, The dancing house, Prague
2005 Time for dwarves, Stredoceske muzeum, Roztoky u Prahy
2009 Requisited, exhibition of Czech painting, Muzeum Miejskie Wroclawia, Poland
2019 Intersalon, Galerie Mariánská, České Budějovice, Czech Republic
2021 Zbraslav Salon, Galerie Zbraslav, Czech Republic